Personalised focus

Our advice will always be tailored to you

Our promise

  • Accessibility.
  • Walk you through.
  • The clock never ticks against our clients.
  • A friendly service and plenty of free advice until you are ready to proceed.
  • We listen to you and work is done quickly and efficiently.
  • Transparency.  There will be no surprises in fees.

We have the skill in handling complex IP issues gained from our technical and in-house expertise in having visibility to senior management and stakeholders and working alongside them in voluminous and fast-paced environments with changing priorities in consumer facing industries with high level regulatory pressures. We are not generic in our advice and we do not sit on the fence. We tell you exactly what would be the best course of action in your circumstances and show you how to manoeuvre around conflict IP rights.

We leverage both our technical know-how and in-house counsel expertise so you benefit from a commercial acumen which will be targeted to your specific industry and interests. Our advice is focused and bespoke to your particular needs.

We can help you achieve:

  • Strategy
  • Efficiency
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Entrepreneurial solutions to your IP challenges